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-The electricity was restored yesterday evening.

-Farrah and Dorian survived the snow storm and just seemed irritated by it more than anything. About 2 weeks ago I starting setting up a little space for Dorian on the screen porch b/c he has fallen in love with the wicker couch out there. I put up a reed screen, which I have had since last year but never used, to block some of the cold winds. His perching chairs and funhouse are close by too.

He loves it and hangs out in there as much as possible.

-I saved this picture a while back. I love the bentwoods with the white Tulip much better than the chairs that are suppose to go with it..they seem to soften it a bit:

And then recently I saw this write up at Apartment Therapy about the little Target version of the Tulip side table. Even though almost every reply was negative, I couldn't resist grabbing a couple (I have gone without needed side tables for a couple of rooms for a couple of years). They are only $25 a piece and I think for that, they are great (so far).

I am wrapping these up as christmas gifts to myself.

-Speaking of Christmas presents I bought a few for the backyard and some just came in and I am super excited to get these up:

Hanging Wren & Chickadee House

And I ordered this:

But they sent me this:
Cape Cod Wren House

Bat House

These are on their way:
Nesting/Roosting Pockets


-I really like this new blog Books at Home. It is giving me some great ideas for bookshelves that I need in a couple of rooms.
-My first Goldfinch of the winter showed up at the Thistle feeder this morning.

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