SimpleViewer + Photos


I have been working on this new photo project (which will have its own site). So, I wanted to get all my old photos together so I could have an archive on the site. Problem was though, I couldn't locate all of my old site/files. Over the past few weeks I have been going through boxes and boxes of old negatives and photos, that will need to be scanned then uploaded.

Tonight though I needed a break from the boxes and instead I decided to try out SimpleViewer to see if it would work for archive galleries. I made a gallery of about 43 old images that were already on the computer in about 20 minutes (this includes resizing the images too). It was so much easier and faster than I had imagined. I am pleasantly surprised....

View the rest of the sample gallery HERE


Shannon said...

Whoa! Thank you so much for posting this. I started making my own image gallery 2 months ago and never finished because it was taking forever and the html was getting too complicated. This will be much easier!

shhh. said...

so great to see your photographs again!

Tina said...

Which ones are you? You have such a versatile look! And your talents are amazing! Love, love, love it!

day-lab Blog said...

Tina- Thanks.
The only two that are me are sv1-as3.jpg and sv1-as7.jpg