Owls, The Swamp, + Workshops


It's been a productive week.

1.)The new day-lab shipment should be here tomorrow or Friday and I have been spending a couple hours every day moving things out and around to make room for it all. I'm excited...it's a fantastic stash of vintage goods.

2.)Last night I went to the lecture part for the Photography Workshop I signed up for with CC Lockwood, who I have written about before in regards to the Atchafalaya Houseboat book.

Photo: CC Lockwood

CC Lockwood is an enormously talented photographer and I feel so lucky to be able to participate in this workshop. The lecture was at his house and there was only a handful of us, which was nice. The entire presentation was wonderful from beginning to end and I felt like I learned more in those two hours than I maybe did in my whole 3 years in the photo dept. in college. I can hardly wait until the field trip part of the workshop.

3.) I made reservations for an Alligator Bayou tour for next weekend. I made it an evening tour because I really love the color of the October sunsets in Louisiana.

A sunset picture from the Alligator Bayou Tour site:


4.) Monday right after sunset I was in between the backyard lots gathering pine needles for the beds and noticed a barred owl overhead in a tree. Sufi and I watched her for a bit and she seemed more interested in watching Sufi than she seemed bothered by my picture taking:

On the lake, over the past two weeks, I have been seeing more Anhingas, Cormorants ,Egrets, Herons, and Night Herons. It's been so nice...

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