Fleet Foxes + Frank Fairfield


I am so so happy I went to the Fleet Foxes show last night.
It has been awhile since I have gone to a show (2006 I think?) and this was the first show ever that I
1.) didn't bring a camera to and
2.) didn't stand directly in front of the stage (something I usually do so I can get good shots).
I thought I would instead just try to sit at a table and not have all the other things to worry about this time around.

Well, I quickly realized that was a mistake. When you sit further back at a table you are surrounded by drunk talking people.

Also, the camera: what was I thinking? This would have been a perfect band to photograph. They were funny, engaging, endearing and every last one of them had such a nice presence. Robin Pecknold had this sweet smiling shy nervous energy about him and he kept tucking his hair into his shirt collar, as if it was his security blanket.

The show was wonderful. So many instruments. And their vocal harmonies gave me the chills and made my eyes tear up a bit. So good. If you have the opportunity to see them, you gotta go.

I think Pecknold's girlfriend was manning the Merch Table, b/c at one point he slipped behind it and gave her a sweet kiss on the neck. They were adorable. And we "Awwww"ed as we watched him checking up on her.

Pecknold and most of his counterparts are so young (I think he's 22 or 23) and it made me feel so old. But they seem so humble...friendly and genuinely down to earth. They came on at the time they were suppose to (which is unheard of in New Orleans) and we were out by 11:30pm (which is unheard of in New Orleans).

Daytripping Fleet Foxes: Austin
Click to watch:

And Frank Fairfield opened for them. I saw the banjo as he walked out and was instantly excited (it's my favorite instrument these days). He also played a fiddle. He was fantastic...you can listen to a few of his songs if you follow that link above.



Emily said...

Have you heard "Department of Eagles"? - Their album "In Ear Park" is phenomenal. Think you might like it.

day-lab Blog said...

Hey Emily-

No, I haven't..but I just went to their website after reading your comment and I am listening to them right now (I love love the guitar already)...Thank you for the suggestion! :)


Emily said...

:) I'm supposed to be writing my dissertation which somehow really causes me to excel at discovering new music instead - so I'm always good for a few suggestions. Checking out My Brightest Diamond right now and am liking her too. Okay - really - I'm getting back to writing now.

BTW - my boyfriend got me some sweet daylab trinkets for my birthday yesterday. He knows I keep an eye on your inventory. Thanks for continuing to do what you do!

day-lab Blog said...

I bought some My Brightest Diamond a few months back after hearing a piece on her on NPR. I enjoyed it...it's relaxing music (her voice).
Good luck with your dissertation! What is it on?

And I am happy to hear your BF bought some day-lab things for you..and that you enjoy the site... :)

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Emily said...

Hi Amy-

Sorry for delay in response. I just got FIOS which is making everything in my internet world so much zippier. My dissertation is related to my work as a counselor with the people who attend this program: www.thehopeprogram.org

Oh and I'll be buying myself some X-mas presents from daylab very soon. Yippeee! Have a good day there. Rainy, yellow leafy and misty here in NY today.