Cameras + Books + Hospitals


This week has been a really nice week so far.

-I am getting a lot done and ready for new Fall/Winter projects and stock at day-lab.
-My new computer came in today, so I won't have to worry about this one crashing and dieing every 2 seconds.
-I am busy, but in a good way.
-The weather is getting cooler and the mornings have been gorgeous.
-My dad gets out of the hospital on Friday and will continue Physical Therapy outpatient.

And some visual highlights of the week...

-I decided finally 1.) to join the digital SLR world and 2.) stop ignoring the fact that I really do love photography and 3.) to incorporate it back into my life again.
So, I got a new camera that takes care of #1-3.

Nikon D300


Got the best present ever: CHARLEY HARPER - An Illustrated Life

It weighs as much as a small child and you almost need a podium to flip through it properly and painlessly, but it is so fantastically beautiful it's worth it.

Gray got spayed today.

Those little surgeries always make me nervous, but now I am just grateful she is home safe and sound and recovering well so far. So that's 2 down and just 2 more to go.



Pencils said...

Nice camera! And I am so jealous of your Charlie Harper book. I really want it, but haven't been able to justify buying it. Maybe for Xmas or my birthday.

And isn't Gray adorable in that photo! Was that with the new camera?

day-lab Blog said...

The book is perfect and something that would be a perfect gift for your b-day or xmas definitely.

The photo of Gray was taken with my 35 mm film camera (the new digital is on its way)! :)


Lillian said...

Congrats on the new camera Amy!! Your photos are wonderful so this is definitely a great investment :)
And, Gray is so adorable...

day-lab Blog said...


Thank you. :)

Camera: I am looking at it as an investment, definitely (I have some photo projects I am working on that I couldn't do without this camera).

Gray: She is too cute (and I am a bit attached I think...).