Big Foot


At noon I feed the outside cats then left to run errands and visit my dad at the hospital. When we returned at 6 pm I went out to feed the kittens and noticed Dorian had a huge swollen foot that was not swollen at noon today (the last time I saw him).

My only thought was He needs to go to the vet now! and in a panicked state I grabbed him (he has just started letting me pet him over the past week) but had nowhere to put him (the crate was inside) and he tore me apart in 3 seconds flat, got away, and ran under the house..

He also got my other arm and bit my thumb, which has a painful little puncture wound now. I deserved it though...I should have thought it through and put some treats in the crate, let him wander in, then closed the door. For such a little guy I am amazed at the damage he did...those puncture wounds are now outlined in black and blue little bruises.

I watched him afterwards, from the window, and the paw doesn't seem to be bothering him. He runs, jumps, plays, and it's as if he doesn't even realized his paw is 20x the size it should be. I read that cats often get stings/bites from batting at insects, which can cause swelling in the paw very quickly. The bites/stings aren't very painful and don't often bother them much. If it is a bite/sting it should be back down to normal size by tomorrow.

I will keep watch...


lsaspacey said...

WOw, that is a lot of damage. Poor him and poor you. I probably would have done the same thing though because that usually wee paw looks BAD. I hope it's back to size today.

Cranky Grandma said...

You poor thing!! You are a good mama though for trying to help!

Pirata said...

It's hard to be a cat mama, especially for outdoor babies. I'm sending some positive vibes your way. I know how much cat wounds hurt!

Lillian said...

Guess what? I came home today and one of my cats had/has a huge swollen eye. I do hope it´s a sting and will be back to normal tomorrow.... Hope your wee one is ok again... and you too :) You`re such a good cat mama!!