Saturday Morning Things...


Tomorrow is the day all the outside kitties are scheduled to get spayed/neutered. I picked up one trap for Farrah and have three crates of my own ready to go. This morning I put the food bowls for Farrah, Gray and Dorian on the screen porch and once they were all in, I closed the door. They are not happy to say the least, especially Farrah.

I am having second thoughts about getting the kittens done so early. They can't be more than 10 to 12 weeks old. Farrah has to go, of course, but maybe I could keep the kittens on the back porch for a few more weeks, try to socialize them more (they are still very wild like their mother, although more trusting than she will ever be), have them spayed/neutered at a safer age, then properly place them in a home.

I have till tomorrow morning to figure all that out...

I have a family of blue jays in the yard. This morning one of them knocked himself out, while trying to crack a nut open on the iron rail of the porch. He hit the rail hard, wobbled, then fell to the ground. He was out for 30 seconds, then started to come around. I waited with him till he was on his feet again so no cats could get him. It was the weirdest thing to witness and I hope he learned a lesson.


This morning, as I was driving down the street I passed a garage sale and saw this record cabinet sitting out. I turned around, got out, saw the $5.00 price tag, bought it instantly, loaded it up and left. It is in perfect condition too. I see them often in my old magazines and catalogs and always make a mental note of how perfect they would be for book storage (since you can take the record partitions out of most). I had been hoping to come across one.



Shannon said...

Hi. Just wondering, is that cabinet made of a hard wood or particle board? I saw a couple of them at the thrift store today but they were particle board so I decided against them. But they are so cool looking so perhaps I'll go back and get one!

day-lab Blog said...
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day-lab Blog said...


Scratch that first comment, I was wrong. :)
This record cabinet is constructed of solid wood and has been topped with real wood veneer. The legs are solid wood also. The doors appear to be a thin plywood (or just thin cut wood) with veneering also.


lindsey kathlene said...

you find the best stuff in your neck of the woods. :)