Little Stray Sufjan


Yesterday, I finally named the stray boy cat Sufjan, not after Sufjan Stevens, but b/c it really suits him.

This morning when I went outside to feed him he was on the roof of the garage meowing so loudly that I thought he was stuck and couldn't figure out how to get down. I dragged a chair outside and climbed onto the trash can from it and almost fell a couple of times trying to lift myself onto the roof to save little Sufjan.

Then, in the midst of almost falling for the third time, I heard a loud meow and looked down only to see him safe on the ground waiting impatiently for his breakfast.

I think he might have been testing me.


Cranky Grandma said...

Too cute. I love that you are the Pide Piper off all these stray cats. It is good karma. ;)

Pencils said...

It is very sweet how you keep adopting these cats.

Oddly enough, I used to know Sufjan Stevens. We worked together at Penguin Books in NYC. The first time I saw his name come up on the phone I remember thinking, "His parents must have been hippies." He was a good guy, Sufjan, a lot of fun, very creative (as you might imagine.) He worked in promotion.

day-lab Blog said...

what a small world. how neat! :)
i love the banjo and mr. stevens is pretty good at playing it.

Hope all is well and wonderful in your world!