Alligators in the Lakes


This past weekend Ryan and I were on a bike ride and stopped to see some of the ducklings at one of the smaller lakes. I noticed some peculiar movement at a bit of a distance and snapped this picture, hoping I could zoom in and see exactly what it was:

And zoomed in:

She wasn't huge (maybe 4 feet).

But then, a half hour later or so, we had stopped at the larger lake so I could take a picture of a bird. This walker stopped and told us to check out the log across the way. So, we got back on our bikes, hurried around and found this:

This one wasn't so small (maybe 6 to 8 feet..or bigger?)

The weird thing was that I swore I saw a little alligator in our lake a day or two before, right before this storm came through. I was out there on the banks and it started raining. As I started to jog back to the house, I turned and saw something swimming towards the banks. It look a lot like picture #1.

Going out in the yard this week has been a rather exciting, albeit a bit scary, experience.


Mia said...

Yikes! Be careful out there.

Anonymous said...

Are alligators native to your area? When I lived in San Francisco an alligator once appeared in a man-made lake in the city... dumped there by some fool, no doubt.

day-lab Blog said...


Yesm they are native to the area. The lakes were once swamps, and they are no conected to a creek which leads to a larger bayou (which is most likely were they come from and how they get to the lake). :)