Wax Wings + Today


A flock of about 20 Wax Wings swarmed the berry tree outside my office window. In 10 minutes flat the ravenous little birds devoured every berry on that tree. Then, all the sudden, they were gone.

These are from my office through the window/screen, which must be why they came out a bit off..



In the front yard I noticed my first Daffodil had bloomed.


In the backyard the Camellias are fading.

And one fearless little Chickadee..


Out on the back screen porch...

The little potted plants are adjusting still.

And Pearl refuses to come inside until at least sunset.

This week she is also extra fond of performing acrobatics on the porch ladder back chair...non-stop.


Out on The Lake more birds have been congregating.

Today, along with the usual Egrets, there were Tri-Colored and Little Blue Herons as well as an adult White Ibis. This is the first adult White Ibis that I have seen on The Lake.


And in the mail there were some new old 1929, 1939, 1940 magazines and catalogs for me to pour over before bed.


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