Couch + Flor


Finally, the Dacron wrapped foam cushions for the couch came in!

In the end I decided to get 2 long cushions,, instead of the 6 cushions (which is what it originally had).

At first I was kinda concerned by how large the cushions looked (and puffy), because I really want more angular cushions. But the lady who may be helping me with the cushion covers said it should be o.k. and not to worry.

Now, on to the fabric.

I am having a hard time finding what I want at an affordable price.
I need about 5 yards (maybe 6).

Knoll is the only place that has what I want, which is a gray weave upholstery fabric. Seems simple enough, doesn't it? And yes, Knoll has several that I like, but the prices are a bit steep for most.

Any suggestions on places that I should check out that may have something similar to what I am looking for?

Also, I ordered some Flor samples, because I am considering getting 6 to 8 square pieces for the Living Room rug (another thing I have had a hard time finding). It's such a nice deal: you get six 6" pieces for $5.00.

I am leaning towards the Toy Poodle, which are the 6 samples in the front in the photo above), but I am still not sure about which color or color combination I want to go with just yet.

Back to work for me.

Till next time.....


Anonymous said...

where did you order the cushions from?

day-lab Blog said...


I bought them from foamorder.com
Good prices, but I do have two gripes.

Instead of the 2 to 3 weeks quoted for shipment, it shipped almost 5 weeks from the time I ordered. Which wasn't a huge deal to me, except that I wish they would have notified me when/if they knew there was a delay. I had to contact them twice after the 3rd week in regards to the status, before it was shipped.

Only other gripe: both cushions were to be cut at 64" in length, but the bottom one was an inch or more too short. But returning them is too much of a hassle (they would have to be vacuum packed). So, I will just cut the other one down to match.

Anonymous said...

hi amy,

i've got the flor tiles in my bedroom. they're great.. but i suggest ordering the plushest ones ... they tend to be the most expensive... but also feel more residential rather than industrial... if you know what i mean.

they clean up easily....