136 plants and nowhere to go...


I ordered plants from two places about 3 weeks ago (they mail them when your Zone is ready for Spring Planting).

Thursday I was working and heard a knock on the door. There was the UPS man with a box for me. I couldn't imagine what it was...then I remembered THE PLANTS!. The plants, some sent in a dormant or bare root state which, according to the companies, should be planted immediately with as little delay as possible.

Imagine that. Here I am swamped with work, and having yet to prepare the beds or soil for the plants. I felt terrible. I felt anxious. What if they all die because of my overworked memory?

Yesterday I read up on what to do with each plant type I had (136 total and this is only 1 shipment, another is on the way). The bulbs and corms can stay put for a few days, but I did plants ALL of the bare root, dormant, potted plants after soaking some, as recommended. It took all day long. And that was only 18 of the 136.

Bare root plants are really not so attractive and remind me of worms.
I am happy they are planted and out of sight.

I was happy to have my pack rat tendencies yesterday, because in the garage I found a ton of old flower pots that I couldn't ever discard of (I knew I might need them one day). I pulled them all out, cleaned them up....then potted away.

I am keeping these potted for 2 to 4 weeks before putting them in the ground. I have to get the beds ready for some and others need to harden off a bit before being out on their own, a gradual adjustment.

This is the area I call The Holding Pen. It normally holds plants that have no current place to go, transplanted plants on their way to a better location, or plants in need of some TLC. It looks ridiculous now. The Holding Pen is completely full.

I wish I could devote the whole day to the plants and beds, but I have so much other work to tend to.

Maybe I can fit in an hour or two....

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DeerDominique said...

Oh My. You are a busy little birdie. I wish I was more garden savvy. It's on my list of things to become educated in.
I think it's so great that you are beautifying your already beautiful surroundings, what a legacy it will be.
Oh and, um good luck with finding the time. (Have you ever considered trying to stop time, or at least slow it down?) :)