Pearl Doppleganger + One


It started a couple months ago. I was washing dishes and glancing out the window I saw a gray cat walking across the yard. From a distance it looked just like Pearl, and I panicked. By the time I got the back door open, the cat was gone. I searched through the house, but quickly found Pearl asleep in my bed. There have been a few more sightings since then.

A few weeks ago when the tempertures dropped below 30 and the wind was out of control, through the vents on the floors I started to hear whining meows. We soon found a couple cats (one gray and one marbled gray) camping out next to the AC/Heater unit under the house (my house is one of the only raised, on masonry pillars, in the neighborhood, so their choice for warmth and cover made sense).

When the whining meows started to become more frequent (7 a.m., 12 a.m., 5 p.m., 2 a.m.) I started to leave them food (never seeing them, as they are very very skittish and on guard constantly). After the food would be left, the meowing would stop.

So, now, they know...all they have to do is meow and out I come with the food.

They won't let me get near them at all, so I respectfully keep my distance. They have started to let me watch them from a safe distance and this morning I got a few pictures.

The light gray cat always get to eat first. As she eats the dark marbled gray cat keeps watch. When the light gray cat starts to retreat back into the brush the dark marbled cat starts to slightly panic, meows a bit, then she tries to quickly eat (all the while watching to make sure the light gray cat hasn't gone off too far). She then bounces away after her friend usually sooner than later.

They look alike. I wonder if its a mom/kitten situation.

The light gray cat I first saw a couple months ago:

The dark marbled gray cat keeping watch:

The dark marbled gray cat making faces at me:


They are just beautiful little cats with the shortest little munchkin legs and tails.
They are pretty plump little things too. I don't think anyone owns them, but I bet at least 2 to 3 houses in the neighborhood are feeding them.

*Reminder to self: I do not need any more cats...I can't take in any more cats..but I certainly don't mind them camping out when need be or stopping by for a couple meals from time to time.


Lillian said...

If we had any stray cats in the neighbourhood, I´d be like you. Our house is super tiny and we already have two cats, so it´s just not possible, but if there was a cat on my porch I certainly couldn´t resist to at least feed them. Actually I don´t understand how anyone could...

lsaspacey said...

Watch out or you may become the "cat lady" in your neighborhood. It seems the cats have your number now, they know exactly where to go.

I really admire you for what you done for your three, but just be careful...

day-lab Blog said...

It's too late..I already am "the cat lady" of the neighborhood (and apparently the lady who was here before me was too). :)