Eagle Expo + Cajun Jack


On a whim a couple months ago I registered both myself and my daughter for the Eagle Expo in Morgan City from February 14-16, 2008. I am not sure we will even be able to make it down there until February 16th for the events, but I am definitely looking forward to two things above all else:

1.) Getting to do some family history research (I wrote a post over HERE some time ago about my great great grandfathers (Dalton and O'Brien) and their ties to Morgan City and my great grandmother and her family ties to the Cotton Top house). I have only been there once and I was too young to remember any of it now. It will be nice for me to document all of these things there and great for my daughter to see them first hand as well.

2.) The Cajun Jack Atchafalaya Basin Tour!

This is Cajun Jack:

Some of the pictures taken by others on his tour:

I really hope the raccoon comes along on the tour too...


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