Birthday Sven

My birthday is Tuesday, same day as Super Tuesday and Mardi Gras this year.

I was thinking about doing something for the day or treating myself to a new book or something, but decided tagging jewelry and re-organizing stock and quick books was what needed to be done (and I kind of enjoy tedious work anyway) in lieu of dinner or b-day festivities or self bought gifts.

But then I got to thinking...about the organizing and time management etc.
What would be the best birthday gift ever would be Sven...even if it was just for a week:

And the phone is absolutely no replacement for Sven. I think I need a large man in a turtleneck on a moped in my house talking through a megaphone to really be affective in my life. I would just forget to program important things and reminders into the phone anyway..


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Shay said...

EVERYBODY needs a Sven.