Heywood Wakefield + Little Deer


I love when I come across items I bought at auction, garage sales, from good will etc. in old magazines. Here is the most recent and probably my favorite so far.

From a 1939 House Beautiful in an article about furniture (and this shot features modern Heywood Wakefield no less, which is one of my top 5 favorites), I found this:

Check out what's on the table:

This is my favorite ceramic piece ever. These little deer are relatively easy to find, come in an array of colors, and can be found at very affordable prices. And because of that, I do have several..in white, black, pink, blue...some planters and some are just figures:


so neat...

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Pencils said...

Oh, thanks. Give me something else to obsess about! Now, I wonder how I'd find those on eBay..."ceramic deer," perhaps?

I have way too many collections. But I miss the flocked deer collection I put out for Christmas already. This year Martha Stewart Living did an article on them and drove all the prices up!