This week, Thumbtack Press...


It's been a busy busy week.
Taking a little break before I finish up the work for tonight...

Also this week....

Cleo had her Dental appointment Tuesday. There ended up being 3 bad bad teeth that had to be extracted. She also had scaling done. When she got home, she slept most of the day/night or just walked around hazy and drugged. Yesterday she rested and ate well. Today, she is pretty much back to normal and has taken over my bed. Next week she will begin her Kitty Prozac treatment for her anxiety. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Pearl's tummy fur is growing back fast, and she looks less silly then right after the surgery.


A couple of weeks ago I ordered this print by Gianluca Folì from Thumbtack Press.
It came in this week (it is still in the plastic sleeve in the picture below).

If you haven't been to thumbtackpress.com, you should go have a look around.
It is a really neat project. There are lots of familiar artists, new artists..so many lovely prints to choose from (at affordable prices too).




DeerDominique said...

I'm glad things are looking up in kittyland. Our cat Tony had object anxiety for years, when he came into a room, he would have to paw every rug or object on the floor, in fact he would leap (in that sad yet totally comical way) over any patterned thing on the floor. Turns out he doesn't see well close up. Doesn't prevent him from mass murdering birds and ground animals though.
The print is so great. I wanted to recommend (if you aren't aware of it already) http://www.tinyshowcase.com/

day-lab Blog said...


Wow, that is interesting about your cat. I am anxious to see if the kitty prozac helps at all. the Doc only wants to keep her on it while she is transitioning into the family (3 months or so).

also, i will go chck out tinyshowcase.com now. thanks for the link. :) someone else told me about this neat print project yesterday. you might enjoy it: http://www.20x200.com/