Saturdays are the best days...


-Today, my father dropped by and surprised me with a new bike, which was the neatest thing anyone has done for me in quite some time. My daughter just recently learned how to ride a bike, so she hasn't really been anywhere except up and down our street, with me trailing behind on foot.

So, today we actually got to go for a real 2 hour long bike ride. We went everywhere. Around the lakes we saw turtles, egrets, geese, ducks, and plenty of dogs. We even saw a little Cavalier King Charles puppy (which was enough to make me happy for the rest of the day).

-Cleo has spent the past three nights inside and she is getting more accustomed to it. Right now all three of the cats are in the living room, in their own little corners..all glaring at each other. No fights, but I hear hissing from time to time. It is going really well so far, though.

-October is my favorite month and I will be sad when it ends this coming week. The weather has been so beautiful lately that I feel guilty when I am inside. It was extraordinarily nice today, even a little windy and chilly, so when we got home from our bike ride, we opened the French Doors in the living room, brought $5.00 worth of our newly acquired chairs and a table outside onto the porch, put Boduf Songs on, and enjoyed our dinner of waffles while our aching legs relaxed.

I stayed out till it got very very dark, almost falling asleep curled up on the $3.00 chair, which happens to be pretty comfortable after all.


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