Estate Sale Finds


Saturday morning bargains:

Two lounge chairs circa 1970 (need to be refinished and reupholstered) for $3.00 each and an aluminum porch rocker, which I have been in search of for quite some time, for $2.00, which will need new webbing eventually.

$8.00 total:


And, the other day I found this fantastic lamp for $14.00.

The shade looks to be the original. And the entire thing looks more forties to me than fifties. I have not been able to identify it yet though, and it is driving me crazy. There is part of the original sticker which shows "EEN" (part of the manufacturer's name) and "FINE CHINA" underneath that.
So, at least I have that to go on:


If anyone knows anything about the lamp, let me know! :)


TBG said...

The sticker said "Deena" or possibly "Deena Artware." I have a couple of their lamps (that I know of.. only two of them have these stickers).

Deena was in business in the 1940's and 1950's. The headquarters of Deena Products was in Chicago Illinois with production plants in Kentucky. They made a wide variety of table and floor lamps. They also had another plant, I believe, that made lampshades.

They were involved in a labor issue that eventually went to the Supreme Court. The company lost and went out of business.

I love the lamp. I have an untreatable obsession with these types of lamps and shades. My kids say, "Mom.. most people don't have a lamp room."

day-lab Blog said...



You are the best! My research was going nowhere, and it was becoming so so frustrating not being able to find out the manufacturer. Do you have a book on this company? a website? Somewhere I may be able to read up more info? Thanks again! I understand your lamp obsession too, I said the other day that I wish I had a room just for lamps. :)

Amy Shutt

Anonymous said...

Actually, the company did not lose the suit--they won! The company did not go out of business until several years after the death of the founder, George Weiner, in 1970. One of the factories is still standing in a small town in Kentucky, although it is defunct and abandonned. George is buried nearby. Deena billed itself as America's Largest Lamp Manufacturer in the late 1960's. It is my understanding that the company was named after George's first wife.

TBG said...

Cool. It's always nice to be corrected by someone who actually knows the story! Thanks! :-)