Rearranging Furniture


The wardrobe, which is part of the thirties bedroom set I recently acquired, will not fit upstairs. We can't get it past the landing. In the process of attempting, we scuffed up the veneer on one of the sides, and gouged a bit out too. So, instead of going through that again with all the tears and frustration, I decided to keep it downstairs for now. It is really big, and had limited places it could fit.

So, I had to do some major rearranging...furniture, lamps, etc..from upstairs and downstairs.
It is out of harm's way so I am happy enough. :)

Shots of 7 a.m. morning light and the rearranging of the living room...still needing rugs, end tables and reupholstered couch cushions, but it's on its way to being done, finally:

The mosaic TV cabinet, is a microwave cabinet for now. But I think it works well in the kitchen for the time being:


I will be Out of the Office for the rest of the day.
I will be back tonight/tomorrow a.m. :)




Elizabeth said...

the living room looks fantastic - what is that blue paint color? It looks great.

day-lab Blog said...


I painted the room that blue when I first moved in. I don't have any left over, can't remember the exact color name. It's like a Tiffany Blue. But now, with all the unexpected colors/styles of added furniture and whatnot, I am considering a repainting of the walls to a neutral gray (the Filtered Shade I paainted my bedroom and my daughter's room). :)

lsaspacey said...

Lovely home!

I love the curtains on the French doors. The TV/microwave cabinet looks perfect in the kitchen, by the way.

Elizabeth said...

I do love that gray you've used too. it would look great in there!