When you really need a skeleton key...


I thought picking up the wardrobe and headboard would take 2 hours tops. But, the first complication was the realization that neither would fit in the cars we had available. So, this morning last minute I had to rent a UHAUL and try to beat the rain (it's been raining since we got back).

It is currently kinda stick in my foyer, so I had to recruit more help to get it upstairs this evening. I just hope we can. I think it weighs about 3 tons. The doors kept opening when we had it on its side while moving it in. I don't have the key to lock them. But I do have several skeleton keys around here somewhere, I just have to locate them. I am scared we will ruin the doors trying to move it again without the doors locked.

Here are a few pictures I quickly snapped in horrible lighting (there isn't much in the foyer).

The headboard is an off-size, and according to my little sister who works in an antique store that specializes in French/European 19th century and earlier furniture and antiques, a lot of the times mattresses have to be custom made to fit the headboards they get in, which is kind of disappointing.

The only markings I found so far...and all are marked Made in Czechoslovakia, after all (not England). Which is odd to me, b/c i only see Czech Art Deco glass, and not really any furniture from the era. It's kinda neat though:


So, after 5 hours, it is at least in the house.
I'm beat.



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