Steel, What Nots + Formica


This evening I was looking through a 1954 Home Builder Catalog and realized how much I wish we still loved the kitchens that we loved back then. I never liked granite counter tops and sometimes I think I might lose my mind if I hear the phrase "granite counter tops" one more time.

I also wonder what happened to color. It seems like the kitchens from this era were bright and cheery and so so colorful. Nowadays it's that same drab brown, sand, different shade of brown, beige, dark wood etc. color palette I always seem to see. It's not so cheery.

Here are some kitchens that I love...dream kitchens with steel cabinets, colorful Formica counter tops with steel edging, and at least 4 round edged what-not shelves, above and below:


I finished up some little things at the new blog project, so it isn't so bare bones anymore. Please visit and contribute if you can..or pass the word along. :)

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beth said...

We are renting a house built in the 1940's that has stainless countertops like the ones shown in that last kitchen picture. We love them - They have a turned up edge so you can really scrub them down and nothing hurts them - we just sit hot pots on them all the time.

stuffed said...

I dislike granite also. I especially dislike dark countertops. I have an original '51 kitchen. No steel though. Tile. Lots of blue. *Everything is blue*.

TY for posting the cool pix. :0)

day-lab Blog said...

that is my favorite kitchen of the bunch. It makes sense to me to have Stainless Steel counter tops, for cleanliness/sanitary reasons..and b/c they are super easy to clean! You are lucky. :)

Wow, 1951...so neat. :) I love tiled kitchens too. My little sister just bought a 1954 house (it had the same owner since it was built) and so the kitchen counter tops were the original white and green hexagon tiles. Very pretty.

P.S. I hope you are feeling better!!