Blooms and Blooms


This week, the weather is actually chilly in the morning from about 6 a.m. to about 8:30 a.m. and I love it. I want to be outside in the yard and garden...planting and weeding..instead of inside working. But Saturday is almost here and that is the one day I do allow myself to spend all day outside if I want to, so I will grin and bear it until then.

This morning though, after I dropped my daughter off at school, I did have my coffee outside with the cats so I could enjoy the nice weather and I happened to notice that I do have Morning Glory in the yard after all. It was just one little bloom.

I love Morning Glory and have been hoping that one of the million ivy type vines might be it. It's purple:


I also noticed that my Blood Flower finally started to bloom.
They are tiny:


These Blue Daze are kind of new. I got a few for under $4.00 total a couple of weeks ago. They were sort of dying and I think the store just wanted to get rid of them. Well, they have started to perk up and are doing really well.

They open at sunrise, and close at dusk and are the prettiest blue I have ever seen:


Beautiful orange Canna from down the street:


And someone, please tell me what this plant is. It is in a garden down the street from me and I love it to pieces. The leaves are gigantic and have super soft downy fur on them. The main leaf in the photo below is bigger than my face. It is about 2 to 3 times my height:

I have tried to find it online, but no luck. I have the poor man's version of the plant encyclopedia that I really want (mine has drawings, not actual photographs) and can't seem to find it in there either.




Hollie said...

I just wanted to tell you I found your beautiful site through your DIY cite (I want to put tile on a dresser and your images popped up)

I also have a cat with 'skin issues' Except he is a pampered indoor cat. My vet and I are trying a new hormone/cortisone combination pill. So far so good!

I cannot wait to see more of your decorating

day-lab Blog said...

HOLLIE-Thanks and I am so happy to hear you enjoy the blog and website. :)

Good luck on the dresser and send pictures if you want, maybe i will post it as a tutorial.

And, the cat skin issues: since she is free of fleas now(they irritate the condition) and is on food for sensitive skin, she is doing SO SO well! Cortizone cream works like a champ for flare ups too, you may want to try that.

Take care~