Side of the Road Finds


This morning we happened across a pile of discarded things on the side of the road in the neighborhood next to mine.

What is sad, is that it rained quite a bit last night, and so the table and chair probably would have been in perfect condition if they wouldn't have been outside last night.

We found:

This very sturdy, almost perfect, hairpin leg table. There is a section of veneer that is soaked from the rain and coming up (hopefully an easy fix or re-veneering):


This seventies brown plastic table with removable legs. I was looking for these about a month ago and had no luck, so I was really happy to see this one in perfect condition. We had lots of these when I was a kid...great for a million things:


Three very neat tv tray tops. My daughter loves the butterfly and I love the greek key bordered one, since a lot of our house's outlet covers have a greek key border.

And about 6 metal tv metal tray bottoms, 1 in silver and 1 with wheels labeled CAL DAK:


And, really happy to find this Leg O Matic Chair from the late 1920s. I have admired these in some of my old catalogs for some time (so practical and functional and well made). The rain caused damaged to the accent back, but with laser cutting, it should be an easy piece to replicate and replace. Other than that it is in pristine condition:



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