New Bedroom Make-Over Begins


My daughter's birthday is next week, so I decided to go ahead and get started on her bedroom, since we haven't even painted it yet. The delay is mainly due to our disagreement over the wall color. I just tend to think that children change their minds over their favorite color weekly, and therefore I am having trouble agreeing to hot pink walls (she hated pink last summer).

I caught these swans in my sewing room out the corner of my eye last week and instantly thought, These are the colors for Lo's room. I showed them to her and explained some of my ideas and I think I finally convinced her that gray walls will actually allow her to put more color (and more hot pink) in the room via fabric, accessories, painted furniture, wall art etc. and that it can still be as loud as she wants it to be, even with light gray walls, a color she considers boring.

So, for the main colors: gray, pinks, yellows.

The second thing we have to go with for the room are part of the window treatments. As usual, I am on a super tight budget, so I am trying to work with things we already have first.

I have had a few Until Dawn panels, which have never been opened, and decided they may work just perfectly for Lo's room. They are white and feature fauna and flora, two of her favorite things. Since they are cut-out style, I thought it would be great to put some pink panels underneath them, as depicted in the detail photo below:


So, a couple months ago I got this great mid century double tiered corner end table at an estate sale for $20. It was this dingy brownish wash color and I really didn't have a place for it, but got it b/c it was a nice size and I loved the lines and design of it.

So, today I found some left over pink paint I had from another project and painted away. It still needs 1 more coat of Polycrylic, but it is almost done..and is very pink:


Her bed currently is just a simple wood headboard(IKEA), which I will paint soon if she wants me to. I think a fluffy white comforter would be perfect, with 3 to 4 throw pillows in different sizes in loud, fun, and/or graphic fabrics featuring flora and fauna...these are some fabrics I came across that I thought would work well the as throw pillows:


Oh, and I sanded the shelves from the 1930s cottage that we found on the side of the road a couple weeks ago. They will be painted white this week and I think will work beautifully in this room:


So, hopefully this week I may have some time to get more done b/c I only have 9 days to go till her birthday. a little pressure.


lsaspacey said...

I love the color combination, it's very sophisticated yet still fun.

day-lab Blog said...


Thanks, I really like the color combination too...I think it was a perfect compromise between me and my daughter. :) I can't wait o finish it and see how it all works together in the end!