Mosaic Tile TV Cabinet: Done


Mosaic Tile TV Cabinet: Done...finally!

I started with an old TV Cabinet of mine that I have had for years. It was bare wood, with one coat of Poly and had old not so pretty knobs. The panels were just a recessed wood.



And here it is finally finished, with a Pearl Gray Maipei Grout. The darker grout was a great choice I think, because now you can see the subtle shift in color bewteen the light gray and white tiles..and none of the tiles get lost in the grout (which would have happened if I had used white grout).

I just need one more knob, one strangely disappeared this weekend.



1. Sanded it completely
2. Primed with Kilz
3. Glass Tiles applied on top of panels with tile adhesive.
4. Applied un-sanded grout to the tiles.
5. Painted 3 coats of Kilz interior Semi-Gloss
5. 3 Coats of Polycrylic in Satin, which also took some of the gloss away.
7. New knobs.



lsaspacey said...

Bravo! I have one just like it that I'm going to paint green, but it's been taking me a long time. Hopefully this will motivate me. Thanks. It looks great.

Lillian said...

wow! looking fab!