Labor Day To Do Holiday


I made my Labor Day To Do list today after finishing up a few outside chores.
It's rather long.

Also today, a professor left a note on my door about a hummingbird research project he is trying to set up for some wildlife students (i.e. feeding research which involves feeding stations in my yard, the capture, weighing, banding, and release of some birds, and some hummingbird observations by students etc):

I emailed him to let him know I would be more than happy to let them use my yard. I really so hope they end up choosing mine as one of the research stations.

Funny too, b/c yesterday a hummingbird got "stuck" inside my back porch (the door was open and she couldn't find her way out). After several nerve wracking minutes Ryan and I got her out. She was so tiny and made the cutest little noises.

It rained today, but I did get some front yard planting done. Red flowers and some Jasmine ground cover:

Some Confederate Rose Plants:


Some Pentas for the Butterflies and Hummingbirds:


This is a pretty boring and ugly project: the parking palette.

So, yes, today I started the boring parking palette in the front yard. My driveway is long and narrow (one car wide) and the palette is needed.

Once again, I am trying to get this done for under $30. I used bricks and gravel I already had. The gravel needs to be mixed together (it's half wet in the photos) and I only had enough to cover half of the palette. So, tomorrow this will be done. Hoping four bags will cover the other half.


I think later on, adding some monkey grass around the bricks will help it look less like a low rent version of my neighbors' palettes across the street and to the sides of me. There are a few issues though above the brick area...soil compaction due to old gravel and shells that I need to figure out.

Currently, I am not sure how to remedy that:


And lastly, Logan and I finally got some fall planting (spring blooming) bulbs that we will plant pretty soon...Muscari, Assorted Tulips, Queen of Night Tulips (black!). If I had more moolah I would have bought a million more...(lily and iris), but this will be a nice little start I think.



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