Caught Red Handed


I had been noticing some snags and tears in the Tulip Chair..
and today I caught her red handed..

I told her to get down, and she just stared at me, almost challenging me.. probably silently laughing at me inside as well. She stayed long enough for me to get the camera and take the picture.

Is she going through a testing boundaries stage like a teenager or is she just bad?


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Anonymous said...

wow, she has great balancing skills!
i have two cats which are the worst 'scratchers' i've ever had, they've done it since they were kittens and the worst bit is that they obviously know they're being naughty but do it anyway. you can buy special sprays which are meant to stop them sharpening their claws whever you spray it but i've found them to be so awful smelling they repel humans too!
i think they best way to deal with it is to give her a firm 'no' and move her away from the chair when you catch her doing it, and also provide an extra scratching post and encourage her to use it. good luck!

day-lab Blog said...


I have looked into the sprays, haven't tried them yet though. Someone recently told me that lemon works, b/c cats can't stand it.

I do need to invest in a scratching post too...they are just sooooo expensive for what they are. I am thinking about maybe just making one out of spare wood, carpet and twine. :)

And thanks for the advice!