Labor Day Happenings

What did you all do for Labor Day?

My daughter and I put on a pot of Red Beans to slow cook all day while she cleaned her room and I cleaned and organized the house (it was in major need of it, and I am still not done).

I took one of the shelves from my SEWING ROOM and put it out on the back porch, b/c I really needed a space for gardening things:


To fill that space in the sewing room I decided to put a chair there, b/c it is a really nice little room with beautiful views...good for reading, relaxing:



The other sewing room window/view:


Pearl is now fascinated by this undiscovered (until today) room and played ball/slept for a good part of the day there (oh, and we taught her to fetch!)


My daughter planted some Peas, Squash, and Lettuce for a little garden she would like to set up soon:


We found a nice little window sill in the kitchen for a baby cactus:

And our Confederate Rose bloomed today:


And before we knew it...time to eat an early dinner, and now it's back to work for me.

It was a nice Labor Day...hope you all enjoyed yours as well.

oh, and I do have that 20% off sale till 10 pm today (use code: LABORDAY) going on at day-lab.com...just a a reminder :)


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alicia said...

Yum. Red beans and rice and cornbread. Sounds like a sweet day for you two.