night-lab Update etc.


Ryan just updated www.night-lab.com with some neat guy shirts and other things from ICON (they are local):


I've made more progress in the sewing room since I last posted. I am still waiting on the fabric to make the window panels, but I did get some shelving put up, sewing table, magnetic boards etc.

This room is so tiny (about 7'x7'x7'x5')it is hard to get nice photos, they seem cramped. But, regardless:

A new BEFORE photo I found today that shows the entrance better..which
is right off my room. This wall is the wall my sewing desk is now situated against:


Progress thus far...I found these 2 galvanized metal shelving units below(which are for garages, pantries etc.) for only $14 each, which was wonderful b/c normal shelving is soooo overpriced and these work exactly right for what I need:

I still have some individual shelving to put up..and boxes to fill, the window panels to make....but, now it actually feels like a real room finally.

I ran across this yesterday...fell in love.
It's just so fantastic:


Have a great weekend!

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