day-lab DIY


Just a quick note to let readers know that I have started a new blog. It will exclusively feature DIY projects from myself and others.

It's a blog that I will need help to maintain and keep updated on a regular basis, b/c I can only do so many projects myself. So, I am asking any of you who may have recently finished a project and think others might enjoy viewing the progress and completed product to send over your pictures and how to info to daylabdiy@yahoo.com....or if you know someone who might be interested, send the info on to them! Thanks in advance.

It can be a project making something from scratch or revamping something old or discarded. Either will work for the blog.

I haven't fancied it up yet, so it is in the bare bones state currently. I posted my Mosaic Tile TV Cabinet as the first post. Follow the link to see more:



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