Art Deco Dresser


I have been quietly searching for the perfect Art Deco vanity and wardrobe for about 8 months now. I sometimes come across lower priced affordable pieces, but usually the lower priced pieces feature something design-wise that bothers me or they have enough damage to warrant a total restoration, and therefore are priced too high in my opinion.

Well, this weekend, while looking for $10 patio chairs at a local antique trash or treasure type of place, I came across an Art Deco dresser, wardrobe, headboard set. They were available as a set or separately, but at a significantly higher price. It was a steal, either way, probably the best deal I have ever come across in the past 8 months. But, I left the store without it. By this morning I was pretty sure that passing this deal up, at least the dresser which I do really need, would be a sin and a shame.

So, Ryan and I ended up going back for just the dresser today, but then decided it would be a better deal to get the whole set.

I now have that terrible buyer's remorse, but I get that when I buy necessities like food etc, so I am trying not to pay attention to it too much.

We were only able to fit the dresser in the vehicle, and will be going back for the wardrobe and headboard on Tuesday.

It looks mid to late 1920's, early 1930's to me, mainly because of the softer lines, I think. It does look English to me as well. The headboard is marked Czechoslovakia. It's Art Deco...but has a bit of Nouveau feel to it as well, mainly just the floral detail at the top of the mirror.

I am forever in love with burled woods and a Birdseye Maple Burl is a favorite:


The two top middle drawers swivel open:

The detail on top of the mirror:


It does feel good, though, to buy something well made and of a classic design that I can hand down to my daughter, knowing it could easily last several generations in our family.

I did not find, after all, the $10 patio chairs I was originally in search of this weekend.

Oh, and I posted about a little project I am working on in the foyer/stairs at day-lab DIY



Anonymous said...

congratulations on this great find! The curves of those little drawers are beautiful - and I think the lighter color mixes with more modern peices in a way that a darker wood may not...
There are definately great czech deco peices out there - what a score.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Those drawers are so fantastic and clever!

Joanna Goddard said...

this dresser is so perfect! great find. congrats :)

jim said...

hi, just to say, have been researching my own dressing table/two wardrobes(one bigger than other) and one bedside unit online today. the only thing i came across on the whole of the web was your set and its identical, we were actually researching to sell as a move means we no longer have the space :(
slightly muddled now on whether its English/European or Czech???

day-lab Blog said...

Whats the history of yours?
I found a set online from a Texas antique store that had it marked at English (so I have been confused about that as well). The Texas set has a different finish on the veneer-like a dark brown, but otherwise it's exactly the same. If I can find the pictures of that one I'll post a link. :)