Weekend: Kitchen + TV Cabinet

I have yard work to tend to alllll weekend long, but I did finish a bit more in the kitchen in the breakfast nook area. Still not done in here at all, but a little sneak peek:


Also, I finished tiling the doors to the TV cabinet. I just have to wait to grout, b/c I need a hand mixer to mix it. I used pre-mixed before, and it's a bit too expensive, so I decided to go the powder grout route. Hopefully, this will be done soon:

Before + early paint:

Progress thus far.
Tiles are green, black, light gray, white:

New hardware:

Back to work..


mango said...

Love the tilework you're doing.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, where'd you get that cute little white shelf? I'm looking for one for my bathroom and that one might be perfect!

day-lab Blog said...


I got the laminate (particle board) shelf piece and the L brackets I got at either home depot or lowe's ... both places have different styles of shelving and L brackets that can be mixed and matched. :)