Home Depot Cat Weekend


Yesterday my daughter and I woke up early and went to Home Depot to grab a few bags of garden soil, peat moss, mulch etc.

This always seems to happen to me at outside garden centers. I was grabbing a bag off a palette and all the sudden, from behind the stack, walks a very very thin, very very hungry, stray cat. And she just whined and whined and kept following us. In 2 minutes flat, my daughter was crying b/c she felt so terrible for the cat...and she's telling me we have to do something. So, in the end with mixed emotions, I called up Ryan to see if he could meet us there. He took the cat with my daughter to the vet to get it checked out, while I stayed and finished shopping.

After they got back, we put her in the back yard...put food and water out...she left to explore...but has been back now, camped out on the porch.

She is only 6 lbs, and is very petite. I assumed she was about 1.5 years old, but the vet said she was about 5 to 10 years old.

She tested negative for Feline HIV/Leukemia, and she is spayed. They de-wormed her, gave her a rabies shot, 4-1/Feline Leukemia Vaccine, flea medicine, a combination shot of Antibiotics and Cortisone for what Ryan said the vet referred to as "skin issues". Well, we had to call to find out what she meant....the receptionist wouldn't let us talk to the vet, but said if it was contagious, like mange/scabies, she would have told us. She said she was due back to get her booster and one more dose of AB/Cortisone. So, I assume we aren't suppose to do anything in between to treat it.

Well the skin issue looks kinda bad in some areas (maybe irritated by the heat), so I am going to insist they have the doctor call me back on Monday and find out what it is exactly.

Anyway, here she is sooo skinny, and she hasn't been eating that well either, but I assume that's because she isn't feeling so well from the vaccines etc.:

I would love to take her in myself, but currently my hands are full with the two that I have and adding another one to the family right now isn't something I can do. :/

So, if anyone in or around Baton Rouge would like a very sweet cat in need of a home and lots of TLC please please email me info@day-lab.com. Spread the word if you are near.... :)


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stuffed said...

That's so sweet of you. :0)
Good luck finding her a home.