Eye Exams, Litter, and Ragamuffins


This week has been a busy one...lots of appointments and school meetings and cats and day-lab...and I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday.

An update of the week:

The stray cat, named Cleo by my daughter, is doing really well. I have been feeding her special cat food for cats with allergy problems/sensitive skin and have been applying Cortizone to some of her hot spot areas a couple times a day. And it is actually working.

She eats so well now. In less than a week she is already acting and looking so so so much healthier. She has gained a noticeable amount of weight too. She still has a way to go, but she seems happier...not hurting so much.


Although her dermatitis is not contagious according to the Vet, I am a bit paranoid about giving something (contagious) to the other cats. So, I went ahead and bought this lovely Louisiana souvenir back scratcher to pet her with until the sores healed up. Over the past couple of days we have graduated to me petting her with disposable gloves on, but strangely she actually prefers the tacky ol' back scratcher!


Also, due to my paranoia about the other cats catching anything from Cleo we finally litter trained Minou and she is strictly an inside cat now. She prefers it I most definitely think.


Pearl is fine and stays busy bullying Minou, "killing" her toy bear, being terribly mischievous and is absolutely too beautiful for her own good.


It has been raining, so no painting...and only a little yard work. I have been working on the Screen Bed, pulling weeds and roots, working on the soil...put a little edging up to keep things separated:

Also, in trying to find a real outfit to wear to my daughter's school this week for Parent's Night, I realized I have ruined pretty much all of my jeans (and lots of my shirts) this summer while working on the house. They are covered in paint and garden grime and rips and tears. So, I kind of look like a ragamuffin all of the time now...and should probably invest in a couple of outfits that will never see paint or glue or dirt or soil.


Today, I had an eye exam and had no idea that having my eyes dilated would render me absolutely useless with blurry-beyond-belief vision for 6 hours straight.

I had to wear the disposable plastic shades under my big big sunglasses for those 6 hours. And look, a funny ridiculous grainy cell phone photo of me, while my eyes were dilated, at home being useless today. This look went perfectly with my ragamuffin clothes. The bulk of the eye-wear looks like it's going to swallow my face whole:

It was weird and so uncomfortable. I couldn't read, work, watch TV..I couldn't even tell what time it was. I don't ever want my eyes dilated again..so glad that is over.

I have Astigmatism.

Tomorrow and the weekend...work work work...check back for updates!



Meredith said...

I don't know why I haven't commented on your blog yet, I guess I have a weird shyness about comments, but now I just have to, because we should really be friends. I too have an all paint spatter wardrobe, a vintage store, am a parent, and I have astigmatism too! weird!

day-lab Blog said...

i am so glad you stopped by to say hi. :) i just looked through your blog and your artwork is fantastic! i adore it. hope the first day of school went well after all for you and your family! take care~