Yard Work+Old Metal Swings


Well, today I have been tending to the yard for the past 3 hours. I am taking a break for lunch and because I kinda feel like my arms are going to fall off at any moment.

It rained for almost 2 weeks straight here recently. Not only was I unable to mow the lawn during that time, but the grass and ivy and weeds and everything grew at an insane rate.

I finished the front yard rather painlessly, but the backyard....it is a jungle.

I am having to go over certain areas two times, and the lawnmower is almost not strong enough (or is it me?) to push through the crazy thick overgrowth.

Still have about half left:


I did have an idea about being able to actually enjoy the back yard and lake view, b/c it is lovely when I am not sweating buckets pushing a lawn mower through it: new swings.

This is one old broken up swing in the yard. I think if i cut away some of the brush I could pull it out and hopefully it is still stable enough to attach a new swing to:

And this is the other, that I actually pulled out of some brush b/f I came in for lunch. the swing is shot but the frame seems to be in decent condition:


I searched a bit for metal swings, but only seem to come up with children's swing sets results.

Has anyone recently bought a metal swing or know where I should start to look?

Back to work.

P.S. Lawns are stupid. They make no sense to me. I wish I could make a few beaten paths..and that be that. No tending to..no mowing...just wildflowers...


Mia said...

Hi! I don't know your name but I read your blog and love your store. Anyhow, did you know that there is a www.porchswings.com site? They would probably have what you're looking for. I wouldn't know what to do with a lawn either, I'm used to city living and have a hard enough time with indoor plants.

day-lab Blog said...


thanks, i will definitely check out that site! :)