Pack Rat Tendencies


Yesterday when I was doing yard work, I noticed that I am starting to build quite a little collection of random older things I find in the yard..usually while weeding or pruning. I guess I have always been one to save anything even remotely sentimental...anything that may spark a memory...so perhaps that's what it's all about. Then again, I do lean towards the pack rat nature, so it could just be that after all.

I always come across the prettiest sticks in the yard, while I am raking before I mow the lawn. This will hopefully be full one day..with lots of tall and swirly branches:


I love coming across old beer cans with the old tops, found under the back steps:


I have found quite a few pieces of Italian tile, Marble, and other ceramic tiles in solid colors all over the yard:


I found quite a few pieces of the old wooden garden edging, including the stakes...most of these were buried under a few inches of the yard:


In the same general area, I found this HUGE old latch...its about 10" long:


before we moved in, they cleaned the back yard of lots of rubbish, and in the process threw out the old wrought iron stair railing to the back steps that had been previously tossed into some brush... :(

I was very sad about it, when I noticed they were gone. But, I did find one last little piece of it:


Old St. Joe brick pieces, parts of old wine bottles, older plastic flower info strips (which are handy in identifying the plants in and around the yard!), Terra Cotta looking old roof tile pieces, old window screen parts:

St. Joe Bricks are made by a company of the same name that has been been in business since 1891.. It is still run by the same family that started it and is located about 40 miles outside of New Orleans.

Oh, and I did finally snap a picture of the original wood siding of this house, which is poking out a bit in one place under the asbestos siding that was unfortunately put up around 1967:

Ah, and it was painted white. I know the original shutters were a dark green. I bet it looked lovely like that.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.. :)



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