Morrison + A Couch


1.) From the ages of 12 to 16, I was fascinated with Jim Morrison. This was before the Val Kilmer movie, and I would order videos, shirts, and posters from weird little black and white catalogs I would get after sending in catalog requests that I would find in the back of music magazines...b/c you know, there wasn't an internet to purchase things like that through at the time.

I read countless books on Morrison and the Doors and did super dorky things like use his poetry in projects for my English Lit. class in 7th grade (my teacher would roll her eyes and always question if he was a legitimate poet). So, in every book I read there were always the big questions and theories surrounding his death. I always kinda hoped he really had faked his death b/c I had a hard time with the whole heart attack in a bathtub at 27 years old scenario.

So, it was kinda neat to come across this article this morning...but it also made me kinda sad for some reason. I may have to get this book after all....


2.) In other news, I finally found a couch that was in my budget, which is currently about a zero $ budget...but it has been almost 6 months that we have been without a couch and it really was becoming ridiculous. I haven't seen it in person yet, but I know the cushions will all need to be replaced. The frame is what I was after anyway so I am o.k. with that.

These are the not-so-hot-but-you-get-the point-pictures from the seller:

I need to go to N.O. to pick it up in the next 7 days or so.

3.) My kitchen is almost done! It is soooo time consuming and I haven't had much time to put towards it this past week. But pictures will be coming soon I hope.

4.) My bed is almost done as far as painting goes...but I'm not quite ready to post pictures of it yet. Everything in my bedroom is starting to work off of this fantastic piece of fabric that I wish I had 200 yards of (well, working off of it at least color wise b/c the theme sort of unintentionally has some sort of weird jesus, mary, and hunted aninmals vibe going on):



Back to work for me...


Anabela said...
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Anabela said...

Oh! When I was 13-16 I was rather obsessed with Jim Morrison myself and read as many books as I could about him and The Doors. I think of those years and that music as a very important part of my development, because it lead to an interest in French poetry and literature, etc., although I was kind of floundering in that fascination on my own (none of my friends really shared it, or understood it). The funny thing is that only yesterday I was reading the reader reviews of Patricia Kennealy's book Strange Days on Amazon (I actually wrote her a letter when I was about 14, and she responded---these days I don't really have an opinion one way or the other on the matter) and I have a copy of the book on Jim Morrison & Pamela Courson on hold at the library... I suppose the mystique / fascination is still there, after all these years. Amazing.

I LOVE the Mary & Jesus paint by numbers. I used to take bolts of my mother's blue fabric and dress up like Mary when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

I had a Beatles obsession as a freshmen in high school. Me and three of my girlfriends actually! hehe

And I just adore your blog btw. Your home improvements are so inspiring!