Kitchen Progress

This weekend the bulk of the painting in the kitchen of the dirty 1967 paneling/cabinets/drawers was finally finished.

The hinges were changed out, knobs and pulls were added, and they are all back together now hanging as they should be. For now, the Formica counter tops will be getting a black edge banding to help cut up the off-white and the white (so the color shift isn't as obvious).

BEFORE cabinets and drawers:


AFTER cabinets and drawers (in the Jadeite green and new hardware):


BEFORE breakfast nook area:


PROGRESS breakfast nook area (*with window treatment fabric on table):


There is still a lot to do in this room, but at least the most painful part is over. Painting paneling/cabinets is the worst..and I am sooooo happy that part is over.

Lots of day-lab work to tend to today, so back to that for me.
I am hoping to get a fun little update done this afternoon/evening so check back...


Anonymous said...

wow! looks awesome!
i have an enamel table top too, from the 1940s... just love it!

sian said...

the cabinets look so pretty. great color choice!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe those are the same cabinets! They look lovely!

kari beth said...

It's looking fabulous! Your updates are exciting and inspiring!

Anabela said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the drawer pulls!

shayna said...

wow. your kitchen is wonderful. can you share where you found your drawer and cabinet pulls? they'd be perfect in my kitchen too...



day-lab Blog said...

I found these at Lowe's. They are very affordable. The half moon pulls for the drawers were $1.20 each, and the knobs for the cabinets were $0.44 a piece. :)