Summer Foxes

Yesterday was my daughter's last day of school. This morning we got up super early, early enough to take a walk and drop some apples and berries off to the foxes
( remember them?) before I started work.

It is just amazing outside right now. My neighborhood is full of the most fragrant gardens..beautiful old magnolia and oak trees which shade the streets..and everything has been blooming.

Some of the garden flowers and one of my favorite houses we pass on the way:


The house where the foxes have made their den is vacant (but someone does tend to the yard). This is a window shot of the front(I love those drapes):


This morning the 2 kits Claudia and Stanley were out still, about to go to bed for the day..here are some shots we got:


Sometimes they load up the apples and berries in their mouths like a hamster would, and bury them for later:


I hope you all have a safe holiday weekend!


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Logan S. said...

The foxes are so cute! I love their names, Claudia and Stanley!