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Since I am lacking a couple of end tables, bedside tables, coffee table etc..I started looking around online and in town...for new and old tables. I didn't find any tables but instead found a great deal on these old dead stock tapered table legs (set of 4 for $7.50), and even though they are long at 23" (and too high for say..a coffee table) I decided to get them anyway. Perhaps they will end up being the perfect height for a bedside table:

The top plate pictured with the legs, can be found for about $1 or under at Do It Best Hardware..(as well as unfinished tapered legs similar to the set shown above ranging from 4" and up and starting at only $1.99 a piece.

(On a side note, I also came across some really wonderful hairpin table legs ranging in height from 4" to 27" and in price from $14 to $30 a piece at Hairpin Legs..)

So, of course now I am trying to figure out what type of top I want for these legs (tapered and/or hairpin), and I am currently stuck between veneers and tiled tops.

I just found Constantine's this weekend, and I am in love. The shop stocks wood veneers in several wood species (peel n' stick and backed), adhesives, tools, etc etc. They even have a nice little veneer starter's kit that I am this close to purchasing. I absolutely love the burl, zebra and teak wood veneers, faces, colored wood veneers, and ALL the inlays that they offer. This may even be something I can incorporate into the kitchen cabinets, when I start the painting/refacing of those:


There is also the tile thing I am recently in love with as well, after seeing some bathrooms which were tiled completely from floor to ceiling:

...which led me to research a bit more about tiled tables (danish, mid century etc):

So, I could tile a top without spending too much. I found this site, which has a plethora of tiles (ceramic, glass) in a million different colors, sizes and shapes both netted and loose. All the materials I would need can be found there too: Mosaic Basics

So...all of this led me back to my old love of decorative tiles...and oh, how I wish I had found some of these sites with vintage tiles before I tiled the fireplace surround:

The vintage/salvage tile collections these sites have are all fantastic and worth a visit:

Bungalow Bill
Recycling The Past

...and this tile company has a really lovely Arts and Crafts decorative tile collection (be sure to check out the Craftsman and Forest Creatures subcategories):

Trikeenan Tileworks

I hope to start the kitchen, staircase and upstairs (my room!) soon too.

A couple of before-we-moved-in-pictures from some rooms upstairs:

And, the strange brew of items that didn't make the cut downstairs and are now awaiting some kind of placement upstairs:


Tomorrow, there will be a small update at day-lab.com, so be sure to come back and have a look.


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