My room finally.


Before I moved in there was royal blue carpet covering the old wood floors upstairs. It was ripped up, but the floors beneath needed plenty of work. Since I wasn't going to be able to have the floors re-finished, I decided to do a light stain to blend where needed and an all over seal (the best I could without any equipment and a super tight budget). I finished the landing, still have 3 1/2 rooms to go, but I think they came out really well...much better than I had expected:


Hopefully, I can get some of my room done this week. I am in love with this bizarre fabric picture I came across about a month ago at an antique store and decided it would be what I base the colors of the room on:

After that, I found a picture in a catalog with the exact colors I had in mind and brought it along to the paint store to make my bedroom palette:


First things first though...I need to get my metal bed (which is in currently a grey metal finish) painted and my dresser.

The only partial picture of the dresser, which was purchased with raw untreated wood from IKEA about 8 years ago. I only remember putting a couple coats of satin poly on it then...and thought I would strip it and re-stain it a dark walnut. But....after 3 unsuccessful attempts, the "stripped" wood will not take a stain, I started to wonder if perhaps I had put a wax on it instead:

In the end I decided to paint it Awning Red. I still have 1 coat left and a sealer:

I am leaning towards a warm (i.e. sandy undertones) grey for the walls.


s said...

your house looks amazing! i'll be starting some very similar projects soon. by the way, i have sheets that match your horse print...

Jess said...

I had that same horse fabric picture thing hmm not sure where it is but its quite strange to see another one.