We had a bit of a trying week over here. Bailey had a couple of very scary episodes, and in between had several, what we call, 'bad' days.

The first one was mild and I thought only due to the fact that she overexerted herself going up the stairs.

The second one last night wasn't mild at all.

I think tonight we both need to go curl up in my bed, relax, and watch some TV b/c i know neither of us got a wink of sleep last night (she coughed allllll night long).

No major set backs at day-lab...just a few that should have gone out today/tomorrow will ship Monday/Tuesday instead.

It did set me back on updating today though...so, it looks like the jewelry update will be closer to Monday, so do check back then.

(P.S. I think since things are are finally settling down over here after the move, I will be getting some time to actually place the orders I have wanted to place with some new companies that I found at the NYIGF in January....finally! So, some new super great products coming super soon...)

And since I am on the animal posting kick this week....look who just had some eggs hatch this week (on the top of the column of my front porch). I took the picture from my second story window, where I have been spying on the little Robin family for a week or so now:

I would like to construct a little elevated netting contraption to catch the freshly hatched babies should they fall out of the nest. This is the region they will fall to...and it is quite a drop:

And this is who is waiting below:

If you have any ideas for baby-Robin-life-saving-contraptions...email me please!


Have a great weekend!


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