First Entry, Part Time Help, Bailey!

So, this is the brand new space for day-lab.com product updates and news plus some other things that may be of interest to others...so, I do hope you bookmark it and check back often.

As you all probably already know, day-lab made a huge move towards late February and I am finally happy to announce that Monday we moved the last piece of furniture out of the old space and into the new. Its been quite a task, but looks to be hopefully winding down here soon.

The new house is a really lovely late 1930's Colonial Revival (with Neoclassical Greek Revival elements)..and we just can't wait to paint where it needs it, tend to the yard, and just get settled finally:

Since the move is over and organization is now the focus, I will be looking for some part time help fairly soon. It will be pretty flexible as far as a schedule goes, and I will be willing to work with college class schedules etc..so, if you are in the Baton Rouge area and may be interested, or know of anyone who would be interested, please contact me for more info (email info@day-lab.com).

And lastly, I just want to thank you all for being so patient and understanding over the past couple of months, with the move and everything else that may have caused delays in shipments. First, Bailey and her tumor..then 2 months later (right before we move) she has an episode which is diagnosed Chronic Heart Failure. She has been feeling better over the past few weeks and is now on meds for her condition and a low sodium diet. She just got a bobble head hair cut too:

So, thanks...we all appreciate it greatly. Hopefully from here on out things will be getting back to normal at day-lab.com...finally.


Anonymous said...

Hey I think this whole blog idea is great and Bailey is so cute. I hope to see future pics of the house!

Jessee M said...

the house is adorable looking, and so is Bailey... she does look like a bobble head!
i was thinking teddy bear too.