day-lab closed!


The past few months have been crazy hectic. Actually, this whole past year has just been crazy, period. Trying to run day-lab as it was before the robbery of December 2009 hasn't been working out so well, and I've been struggling to keep day-lab above water and from sinking completely. It's been a really tough year. During the holidays, and a couple months before, I've been busy..started a new job with a local photographer, have been out of town, got married, have been working on a new photo business, and have been trying to not let day-lab get completely backed-up (or sink) in the process...but it did anyway.

I've decided to close day-lab.com for good.

You can purchase our closeout stock at wholesale and deeply discounted retail prices. Please visit: http://www.pearlandgray.com

Thank you!!!!

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