Reverse Carvings

A little costume jewelry history: A fantastic technique applied to Lucite (a polyacrylic discovered by DuPont in 1931) was called Reversed Carving. People produces these pieces at home via Hobby Kits, but they were also professionally produced by jewelry companies.

It was quite popular between the 1930s and early 1960s. It was most popular in the 50s. The clear Lucite jewelry pieces were carved intricately from the back side and were then often brushed with a white paint inside the carved areas to create highlights. You end up with an amazing one of kind piece with a neat 3-D effect.

This is a scan of an article from a 1947 issue of The Home Craftsman which explains the procedure of Reverse Carving:

Reverse Carving is one of my favorite techniques found in costume jewelry of this era.

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