Old (and New) Photos...


While getting photo files together this past week for printing I came across a few I don't think I ever got around to posting...here are some, more to follow:

(1)From May 2009/Tunica Hills-Clark Creek

CC Lockwood at first waterfall

View larger version HERE

Third waterfall





View larger version HERE

Boy playing in waterfall/dark

View larger version HERE

(2)June 2009, Mississippi

Purple Martins


(3)September 2009 Dauphin Island

View larger version HERE

View larger version HERE

(4)November 2009, South Farm-Sherburne

Jill Gautreaux, Ryan Terrill

Ryan Terrill

Vermilion Flycatcher, male

View larger version HERE

(5)November 2009, White Pelicans at LSU Lakes, La. state capital building in background


AND from yesterday:

Richfield Riversilt/11.15.09/Photo Set 1
Birding with Jeff Harris, Michael Hilferty, Jacob Saucier, Jane Patterson, Van Remsen. A very foggy morning with some interesting clouds.

To View these LARGER (which I recommend b/c all are landscapes), please click HERE.

Van, Michael:


Van, Michael, Jane:

Michael, Van:

Jacob, Michael:

Jeff Harris, Jacob Saucier, Jane Patterson, Van Remsen, Michael Hilferty:



michelle said...

your photos are amazing. would love to know what you are shooting with. thanks!

day-lab Blog said...

thanks! i shoot a nikon d300.