September Sunsets


The sunsets have been really nice lately. In the early evenings Egrets fly overhead in great numbers to roost for the night in the Cypress trees at the lakes. The Ibises are right behind them. Today I saw three Tri-colored Herons and one Little Blue Heron as well. They were squabbling with juvenile Ibises for a little space on some of the lower branches.

From the lakes 9-01-09 and 9-03-09:


For the past couple of weeks I've been really missing the Mississippi Kites in my neighborhood, as well as all the others that pepper the skies from point A to point B around town. I have been sad to see them go and am already anxious for them to be back this coming Spring.

Now I impatiently wait for the first Yellow Rumped Warbler to show up.
They are my favorite winter yard bird. When they left last Spring I think I missed them almost as much as I miss the Kites now.

A couple more Mississippi Kite photographs from 9-01-09.
It's been nothing short of amazing watching them grow into these beautiful full size birds from just the small awkward little beings they were only a couple of months ago:


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