To do..


Busy busy.

Evita! and Lo’s b-day party
Sunday photo outing a.m.
Chicot State Park with Kris

Pelagic Bird Trip
in Gulf

•Finish brochure/send to printer
Reschedule 24th appoint.
•Update day-lab/mailer
•HNF jewelry!
•Ads for day-lab, photo lessons
Send Cat Haven Ferals check
•Large crate
•Put things in hallway in attic
•Clean screened in porch
•Start to organize/convert office + paint desk!
•Call about broken AC
•Fix car door handle/window/windshield wipers +get inspected
Mow the front yard/back yard
Reschedule buying trip ASAP!

•Houston! The Dodos show + IKEA
Clark Creek hike
•Shoot engagement with Kristen
•Ferals to vet to get fixed!
•Kayaking in Atchafalaya with Jane and Melanie!
•Buying trip (?)

•Cut metal jewelry + plating order
•Finish summer book + print
•Set dates for photo lessons/camp
•Find kitten homes for William, Penelope, and Mutt


Been working on getting this going for October/November:


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*Julie also keeps a fantastic blog that I have recently fallen in love with..it kinda makes me wish she and her husband Bill would adopt me:
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How A Wild Bird Rehabber Sought
Adventure and Found Her Wings

Suzie Gilbert

1 comment:

Daniel said...

I'm seeing the Dodos when they come to New York in October! So excited!

Great new photos, beautiful lighting on those water lilies.