Wings of Hope


Today at Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary:

Besides the baby raccoons, there are lots of baby birds who will be released back into the wild once they are old enough.


Baby Screech Owl with eyes not even even open yet.

He eats skinned/minced up mice.


The flight cage holds owls, hawks, water fowl etc. who will eventually be released back into the wild...


And of course there are the permanent residents, who can't make it in the wild on their own for one reason or another. These include, but are not limited to, a Sugar Glider, Adult Raccoon, Gopher Tortoise (all three were unwanted pets and brought to the sanctuary)...and a blind American Kestrel:


The baby raccoons are huge, weaned from the bottle, and seem to be doing really well. It was really good to see them and really nice to see how much they have grown in only a little over a week.

It's such a fantastic place and the work required to care for the animals can probably get fairly overwhelming, especially during the Spring. I decided to pitch in once a week to help Leslie, the director, out with cleaning cages, feeding animals, and whatever else she may need done. Wish it was possible for me to go in every day. :)

And...I really like this Patrick Watson and his music...

Take Away Show #97 _ Patrick Watson (full version) from vincent moon / temporary areas on Vimeo.



Courtney said...

Wow, it is so great that you are getting involved with the sanctuary! I would love to do that sometime. Thanks for always sharing so many pictures of birds and other wildlife - I really enjoy seeing them.

DJ said...

I couldn't believe how sweet those baby raccoons were... such a contrast from how they behave when fully grown sometimes.

My cat and I were working in my office not too long ago, when a very stout raccoon ambled up onto the back deck. He looked at us, reared up on his hind legs, and tried to turn the doorknob and come in!

My cat's tail was puffed to its full extent and the fur was up all down her back. If I had fur, mine would have done the same... it was very unnerving.